The Power Of Breath And Visualization.

Somanatha Maharishi perfected the Manoyoga technique to provide good health and for the attainment of spiritual wisdom.

Sri Somanatha Maharishi

Sri Somanatha Maharishi, considered by his followers to be a yogi of the highest order, saint and/or self-realized master, left the deep forests of Srisailam India after 14 years of motionless penance and brought Manoyoga to the people of the world. It is through the practice of Manoyoga that ordinary people can understand the nature of Divinity, obtain the secrets of the universe and experience oneness with Creation.


Manoyoga is a controlled breathing (pranavam) Yogic technique created while in 11 years of motionless penance by Sri Somanatha Maharishiji. Sri Swamiji spent his time exclusively in meditation(penance) at the age of 11 for over 30 years in the forest of Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh and is a self-realized Master. He came back into society to help people achieve peace of mind and health in their hectic lives. The Manoyoga technique is simple and easy to practice. It does not require any dietary or postural restrictions. It is not of a religious nature and does not require a particular belief in any deity or religious practice.

A Divine Soul

Sri Somanatha Maharshi is a Siddha Yogi of the highest order. Having done extreme penance in the forest of Srishilam in Andhra Pradesh, India in solitude for over 30 years, Swamiji obtained the Turiyatitha stage that is rare among Yogis. He obtained the grace of Para Shakti. He then realized that he had in his possession the Ashta Siddhis that are described in the scriptures. But Swamiji is not one to take things at face value. He wanted to test his powers. He arrived in the Ashok Nagar area of Hyderabad city and to his own amazement he realized that the powers he suspected he had were real and not his imagination. Under the guidance of the Para Shakti, he went to the Vanasthalipuram site where he started meditating in a shallow cave in a boulder. That is where the Somanatha Kshetram is now established. His miracles are many but the most valuable thing he wants to give to humanity is health and freedom from dogma and superstition in spiritual matters.

His Teachings

Since health is fundamental to achieving any of the four purushaarthas, Swamiji perfected this Manoyoga technique to achieve health and spiritual wisdom. He is not professing any new religion. His mission is to root out religious superstition. His teaching is simple. He teaches that everything one needs to lead a happy and healthy life is within oneself and that one should aim to achieve all that one intends to in this life only without anticipating or hoping for another birth (Jeevan Mukti). He firmly believes that the spiritual practices such as worship, pilgrimage, praying to various deities etc. are only preliminary steps towards one’s spiritual progress. From these preliminary practices, one should graduate to believing in one’s own divinity. According to Swamiji, the Divine Energy pervades the entire Universe and is present in all beings. By harnessing this Energy, one can realize the basic unity of all Creation. Manoyoga Sadhana is the means for awakening this Ishwara Shakti in man and for realizing the oneness of all Creation.


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